Welcome to Peter Gade Academy

Peter Gade Academy is an independent badminton academy with an outset in Gentofte Badminton Club, in Copenhagen. The founders being former high level players Peter Gade and Scott Evans. The vision of Peter Gade Academy is to create a new platform and outset for badminton coaching, training and consulting in a more modern and unconventional way, based in our great passion and dedication for the game of badminton.

Peter Gade Academy’s main philosophy is to promote a certain culture, attitude and detailed professional approach towards daily practice and cooperation between player and coach. All in the purpose of developing skills in every area of badminton practice, aiming technical and tactical areas, physical areas (weights, rehab, stamina etc. ) , footwork areas, as well as the area of mental preparation and psychological focus.

Peter Gade Academy’s approach is to offer many different ways of cooperation, outgoing or ingoing with the purpose of developing the single player, pair or group the best way possible, this being on short-term as well as long-term base, and likewise regarding very specific requests on specific areas made by clients. We believe badminton is still on the early stages of different platforms to come in the future. Because of that – the customer and client will be part of defining the different future platforms of Peter Gade Academy.

Peter Gade Academy is not committed to any specific age group or level, nor any specific category, however our existing programs aim to cover the areas where we find our expertise to be the most efficient and relevant.

By offering a group of high level coaches and sparring partners in daily setup we are able to accommodate many different demands from players/pairs/coaches, trying to create a simple and non-conflicted way of dealing with business and cooperation between Peter Gade Academy and clients.

Peter Gade Academy is not funded or controlled by any association or country in any way. However, we are open towards any cooperation with any player or country, despite origin and cultural heritage.

Peter Gade Academy’s overall network consist of a very strong and knowledge base of expert people, founded on Peter Gade’s many years of experience in working with many different therapists and coaches with expertise in many different areas. Every player is different and we aim to use this network to create the best possible process with each player.

We look forward to working with you!

Coaching Team

Peter Gade

Head Coach

Peter Gade, 41 years old, already started coaching while still active playing the world curcuit as a player. During an injury period from 2002-2003, Peter took out time to start a youth project called “Team Attack”, with the purpose of educating young talents in Denmark, passing on the knowledge of daily practice and commitment to make the best possible outset for these players to take the next step to the national badminton center in Copenhagen and to be a possible part of the future for danish badminton. This project continued for a 5 year period, and ended in 2008. Among the players part of this project was current world top mens singles, Jan Ø. Jørgensen.

After ending his active career in 2012, Peter took on another talent project in Copenhagen, similar to the former Team Attack project, all though mainly focusing on talented young players from the Copenhagen area, working closely together with Gentofte Badminton Club and other local clubs in finding common ground in support of the project.

In 2015, Peter was offered the job as Performance Director / National Coach of France and started this job in may 2015, with the main purpose of trying to implement long-term structure and long-term thinking in French badminton, to make the best possible outset for France to play an even bigger part in the badminton world for the future. After 3 years, Peter Gade, together with the FFBAD, decided to part ways and stop the project on May 2018.

For many years, Peter has been closely connected to Gentofte Badminton Club in Copenhagen, and the club would be the natural choice for the base of the new Peter Gade Academy.

Scott Evans

Assistant Head Coach

Scott Evans, 30 years old, recently retired from international badminton after 15 years as a professional. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, then moved to Copenhagen at the age of 16 to pursue his career as a full time badminton player. Scott have competed at 3 Olympic games, 10 World Championships and his highest career ranking was 23 in the world.

’I have been very lucky throughout my career to be able to practice and work with some of the best players and coaches in the world and I now feel like this is the right time to move into coaching and to pass on the knowledge that I have gained over the last 15 years.’

’I believe badminton is moving in a new direction where players are beginning to be more independent and the Peter Gade Academy is the perfect platform for that. I’m excited to be part of Peter Gade Academy and look forward to help players reach their future top potential.'

Joshua Eipe


Joshua Eipe, 23 years old, have been playing badminton for 15 years and been competing the last 13 years. He’s been practicing and working with some of the best players and coaches in Denmark where he has gained a lot of experience both in the technical and tactical part of the game of badminton - especially in men’s singles category.

He’s been a part of the Danish junior national team from the age of 12-18. The last 5 years he’s also been playing team matches for Gentofte Badminton Club in the the Danish 1. league.

Joshua have 5 years of coaching experience working with a lot of players on many different levels. The past 3 years he’s been coaching, sparring and working with top players at many different ages which has given him even more motivation to keep on fulfilling his dream in the coaching direction.

‘I have a huge passion for badminton and especially the coaching part. I love to see the development in the players I’m working with and to see them succeed with the things we are working on in the daily practice. Being part of Peter Gade Academy is a huge opportunity for me to develop my skills as a coach and I look very much forward to give my very best – everyday – to help the players to develop their game to go as high as possible’


We offer different programs with an outset in the specific need for each individual player. The badminton world at high level has changed a lot in recent years and we try to meet the demand of elite players - junior and senior - wanting to invest in their career and to go as high as possible, working both long-term and short-term with the development of their game.

Peter Gade Academy is not committed to any specific age-group or level, nor any specific category, however our existing programs aim to cover the areas where we find our expertise to be the most efficient and relevant.

We aim to make a simple and transparent price structure, easy to understand and use in players individual planning. Should you find any area not described in current programs, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your demands.


By becoming a Member you will go into a more long term and in depth process with Peter Gade Academy with the daily Pro Sessions as the outset for each player.

The content of these sessions will include 2v1 exercises, 1v1 exercises, technique exercises, multi-exerciseS. Along with feeding and sparring with other players as part of the practice.

Aside from that, coaches will be ready to work with the player outside normal practice times with other areas such as video analysis in tactical and technical areas, footwork-techniques, tournament planning, nutrition etc. To make best use of Membership a high level of communication between player and coaching team will be expected.

In Memberships we target players who are looking for a long-term commitment to Peter Gade Academy, to focus on daily practice and development for a longer and more consistent period.


3 months - 12 months

Daily Pro Team sessions Mon - Fri (09.00 – 11.30) + Wed (13.00 - 14.30)
Additional footwork sessions if needed
Video analyse of game and technique
Communication and follow up with player-coach from outside PG Academy
Use of shuttles for all sessions

3 months 4.000 €
6 months 7.000 €
12 months 10.000 €

Pro Session Cards

When buying the Pro Session Cards you will have the opportunity of taking part in the daily 2,5 h on court sessions, monday-friday from 0900-11.30, of your own choice - creating a more free and short-term relation towards the Peter Gade Academy, possibly as an addition to daily practice for the player in club.

2-3 coaches will take part in each session depending on the number of players. Focus will take an outset in each individual player and the working and focus areas of the player. The content of these sessions could include 2v1 exercises, 1v1 exercises, technique exercises, and also feeding and sparring with other players as part of the practice.

Pro Session Cards can be achieved by individual player, clubs, national/team or federations.

Pro Session Cards

5 - 20 Session cards

Participation in daily Pro Team sessions Mon - Fri (09.00 – 11.30)

2,5 h on court session
Short evaluation after each completed session
Use of shuttles

5 Pro session-cards - 300 €
10 Pro session-cards - 550 €
20 Pro session-cards - 1000 €

Pro Individual Session

The contain of an individual session will be focus on very specific individual areas of the player. Very detailed focus on stroke technique and footwork technique. Normally 2-3 different focus areas would be recommended to be part of one session. Focus areas could be very specific strokes, deception etc. Focus areas will be agreed with player prior to session.

Pro Individual Session

1 hr - Membership

1 hr on court session (Time agreed between player and coach)
Specific focus on detailed areas such as stroke technique, feints, deception and footwork technique
Possible use of video analysis of strokes and footwork
Evaluation after each completed session
Use of shuttles in session

Peter Gade - 125 €
Scott Evans - 70 €
Joshua Eipe - 60 €

Pro Individual Session

1 hr - Non-Membership

Short evaluation after each completed session
1 hr on court session (Time agreed between player and coach)
Use of shuttles

Peter Gade - 225 €
Scott Evans - 100 €
Joshua Eipe - 70 €

Amateur Sessions

Peter Gade Academy is open for any requests from amateur players looking for individual sessions as well as group sessions or clinics. Please fill out the request form below and we will reply asap with suggested setup and fees.


Peter Gade Academy has identified Ramesh Packirisamy (info@harpdksolutions.com) as a collaboration partner for providing guidance to Accommodation services and food solutions to the players. This is an optional service that you can choose at a nominal service fee

Physical Training

The physical areas - such as weight training, agility, stamina, rehab, will be done in cooperating between Peter Gade Academy and Performance-Center, represented by Kim Møller and Frederik Rasmussen.


The performance center, can with its unique location at Gentofte Badminton Club, offer exclusive individual training designed to match your level and needs as well as training in smaller groups. The emphasis is on the development of elite athletes in badminton, tennis and golf. The well equiped sports center is founded and owned by Kim Snowman and Frederik Rasmussen. Our training is based on the latest science in our field. We use traditional weight training, supplemented by TRX, bands, medballs, kettlebells, jumpbox and corrective exercises. Our main goal is to make you stronger, more explosive and keep you out of injuries.

We also offer professional treatment of your injuries with physical therapy / osteopathy and rehabilitation. To be among the best, there is a need for endurance. Some are developed through daily training on badminton courts, but more targeted training is required. Running is a well-known method, but we want to make endurance training more specific and interesting for badminton players. Circuit training with relevant exercises, performed in intervals and short rest breaks, has proven to be very effective.

To give you the best training and guidance, we want to screen you and get an insight into possible injuries or limitations. We test for mobility, stability and strength and can therefore optimize your training access. We look forward to train with you.

Performance-Center Programs

Personal training

1 hour session

with Kim or Frederik

Individual programming based on individual weaknesses and needs
Focusing on and improving mobility and movement patterns
Improving technique in basic lifting
Improvement of specific sports activity

Team session

1 hour (4 - 6 people)

A team session will ensure constant focus on the technique and intensity of the exercises in the individual's program
A coach is present to assist you
Possability of making small adjustments in the individual program
Payment one month in advance

Sports screening

We investigate movement, static and dynamic stability, firing of muscle slings, body strength and left and right differences and eventually explosive strength in upper and lower extremities
All information is recorded and subsequently they will be displayed as a spider network
Easy to visually in order to see where the problems are
A report will be submitted to you by mail
Correction exercises will be given based on the screening
We recommend that you follow up with a training program

Gym Access

Without any other purchase of services at the Performance-Center

Note: Due to possible space shortage during a group session individual  training must be agreed with the Performancecenter.

Gym Access

With other purchase of services at the Performance-Center

Note: Due to possible space shortage during a group session individual  training must be agreed with the Performancecenter.

Physiotherapy / Osteopathy

45 Minutes


Physiotherapy / Osteopathy

60 Minutes



Consulting Session

with Peter Gade

Consulting and sparring on areas outside court is a relatively new area in the badminton world, and by adding this section and opportunity, we try to make a more open approach to this segment. Peter Gade will be able to do consulting and sparring on different areas depending on the need and focus from player, club or national team. Possible topic and focus of the session could be daily practice setup, player analyse, tournament planning, coaching setup, career setup, etc.

Please submit your request regarding consulting and we will get back to asap with fees, dates, setup etc.

Enquiry Form

For all inquiries please fill in the form below and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Interested in joining Peter Gade Academy? Please provide information about your age, name, country and if possible link to video of your matches.

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